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UNISON Human Resources

Unison Logo
  • 194 Syngrou Ave., 176 71 Kallithea
  • (+30) 2130 11 3300

UNISON Human Resources is a subsidiary of the UNISON Group, which contributes to the development of all flexible forms of work, by offering complete and effective solutions to meet the needs of businesses in the field of Human Resources.

It is the 1st company in the country to receive a license from the Ministry of Employment to operate as a Temporary Employment Services provider, while also has a license to operate as a Private Employment Agency (PEA). Its goal is to provide specialized and customer-centric solutions that address the needs of every department and cover the entire hierarchy of staff.

It collaborates with leading companies in the manufacturing, energy, services, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and hospitality sectors. Specifically in the hospitality sector, it collaborates with all multinational companies and the largest 5-star hotels.

UNISON Human Resources offers a wide range of services, related to both temporary employment and permanent staffing, payroll management, employee training, employee repositioning etc.