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The employee

There are many companies that provide human resources services, to which candidates can apply and claim, from a wide variety of job positions, the one that best suits their experience but also meets their needs. 

Candidates have the opportunity to get in touch with experienced professionals who will pave the way for a very large number of companies of all sectors in the market. In addition, they will advise the candidates on how to write their CV, their attitude in an interview, as well as alternative ways of searching for a job. It is of equal importance that the consultant who will evaluate the candidate will suggest more jobs that fit the candidate’s profile and, being sufficiently informed about the job market, give the candidate a very good idea of what employers are looking for.

Why should a candidate look for a job through a human resources service provider?

  1. There is no cost for candidates searching for a job. Human resources companies do not ask candidates for a fee for the services they offer them.
  2. All employees have the same rights and obligations as the permanent staff of the company. They enjoy all the benefits provided by the collective labor agreements, are paid at least the minimum wage set out in such agreements and enjoy full insurance coverage.
  3. New entrants to the workforce are provided with many employment opportunities, as in many cases no previous service is required. Students or college graduates have the opportunity to get in touch with the job market, to acquire knowledge and skills, and network, which will help them in the subsequent steps of their career.
  4. For the long-term unemployed, flexible forms of employment are a useful transitional stage from unemployment to work. According to a survey, 45% of temporary workers are under the age of 45, and such workers were previously unemployed.
  5. Experienced executives who may have recently been out of work can reduce their period of unemployment through temporary jobs, while seeking the permanent employment they desire.
  6. Candidates have the opportunity to get in touch with the experienced and renowned Human Resources Consultants.  With their helpful advice and proper guidance, candidates can improve their professional image and access a large number of job positions.
  7. Although a contract for a particular job may have been signed initially for a certain period of time, as long as the employee’s performance satisfies the employer and the company needs the candidate’s services, there is a possibility for the collaboration to become permanent, or for you to be the first choice in case that a need to cover a permanent job position arises. More specifically, more than 30% of temporary jobs end up in permanent collaborations.
  8. Candidates are given access to well-known companies where they can develop their knowledge, while at the same time their experience there will be a very positive element on their CV.
  9. There are candidates who choose to change their career path. Flexible forms of work give the candidate the opportunity to be introduced to the new job that the candidate wants, without necessarily requiring relevant previous experience.
  10. A transparent and meritocratic evaluation process, with personal interviews and other evaluation tools, as it is carried out by staff independent from the company in which the relevant need has arisen.
  11. Ensuring a legal collaboration. The human resources company ensures all legal obligations towards the employee

Nearly 58 million people were employed in 2019 in 32 countries around the world, through private employment agencies. The corresponding number of placements in Greece for 2019 was 42.000 people.