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Useful tips for your CV

Your CV is the “mirror of your professional self” and is one of the most basic tools in the job search process. The CV will give the employer you address a first impression of you, and whether you will move on to the next stage of the selection process depends on that impression. 

  • Use a legible font and write a correctly spelled, short and concise CV, in plain language and with a clear structure.
  • Adjust your CV, highlighting and emphasizing mainly the knowledge and experience that are relevant to the job description.
  • Include experience gained in internship, volunteer, informal or unpaid work. Employers value highly people who show in practice willingness to work, even if such work is outside their area of expertise.
  • Choose the clearest, most accurate and essential information from your work experience.
  • It is very important that everything you mention in your CV corresponds to reality. Honesty will be highly valued, as any inaccuracies may be checked by your potential future employer.
  • Write your CV in English if you are responding to an advertisement written in English or if you are sending your CV to a multinational company.
  • Keep your CV updated with any new information that emerges over time.
  • You can include a photo, making sure that it represents your professional profile.